WARRIOR Martial Arts Nottingham (Est.1991)

WARRIOR DOJO 135A Station Rd. BEESTON. Nottingham NG9 2AZ,  , WARRIOR DOJO Rushcliffe Arena. Rugby Rd, WEST BRIDGFORD, NG2 7HY.

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Tel: 01159226182

Martial Arts Classes In Nottingham

Welcome to Warrior Martial Arts Nottingham, we are a full-time Martial Arts Academy teaching multiple types of Martial Arts.

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• FREE suit provided with every membership
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• Taught by friendly, enthusiastic & passionate instructors
• Gain confidence, respect, health & fitness
• Range of programs available
• Comprehensive adult training available
• Little Warrior classes available for aged 3-5 year olds
• Family training sessions, private lessons & corporate training courses
• Classes available six days a week
• Qualified First Aid & enhanced DBS checked instructors

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Tel: 01159226182

Japanese Ju-Jitsu

Ju-Jitsu is not dependant on the size or strength of the practitioner as each move is based on technique. This martial art is suitable for all regardless of age, gender or level of fitness ...

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Kobudo Weapons Training

The weapons that we practice in Kobudo today all have their origins in Okinawa. For example, the Jo was traditionally a walking stick, the Tonfa were ...

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Little Warriors 3-5 Years

The Young people of today are the next generation of adults, therefore it is important to help our children grow into adulthood, with self-respect and pride in themselves ...

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Nottingham Kapap

Nottingham Kapap is our modern Self Defence Academy.
Because our world is constantly evolving, we aim is to provide realistic techniques to escape from real life situations.
We use our core skills in Ju-Jitsu, Kapap/Krav Maga and boxing.
Our training concentrates on situation awareness, confrontation reaction and physical self Defence.
Get fit, train hard and keep safe.

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What People Say

"The jujitsu lessons are a real eye opening experience, serious when learning throws and techniques but mixed with fun as well. The lesson attracts all ages from young needing to learn self defence and respect to the older generation wanting fitness and self defence. You will not be given the belt, everybody earns there belt through hard work and endurance under the watchful eye of Sensei's lead by Sensei's Terry who is only to willing to offload his knowledge. Once again thank you for the experience."

Yuka Yamaguchi

"My son joined Warrior when he was 4 years old as a "Little Tiger", he is now approaching 10 years old and is working towards his black belt grading. The club provides an excellent supportive environment for learning, my son has enjoyed learning many various facets of martial arts. The sensei's are very good at providing development tailored to a variety of age groups, everyone always seem to leave with a smile on their face...."

Tony Darbyshire

"This is a fantastic club for all age groups. My four year old is having great fun developing his agility and balance in Tigers. My seven year old has been a member for nearly a year and loved working his way through the different grades earning belts for his achievements. My husband is also now a member and has enjoyed having a hobby that he can share with his sons."

Beth Lockton

WARRIOR Martial Arts Nottingham (Est.1991) - Martial Arts Classes in WARRIOR DOJO Rushcliffe Arena. Rugby Rd

About Us

At Warrior Martial Arts, we welcome students from aged 3 years up to 70 years. Our classes are designed to suit all ages, genders and abilities with flexible training times and days to fit around your already busy lifestyle.

With classes available in Beeston and West Bridgford, all easily accessible in Nottingham. Our dedicated Beeston Academy also is home to our onsite clothing and equipment shop.

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WARRIOR DOJO 135A Station Rd. BEESTON. Nottingham NG9 2AZ

WARRIOR DOJO Rushcliffe Arena. Rugby Rd

  Telephone: 01159226182

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